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Feb 20, 2015   //   by Shirelive   //   News  //  No Comments

Hi Church!

I trust this finds you well.

As a Church, we have had an amazing journey of faith together! I thank God for His faithfulness and blessing over the time that Ps Alison and I have been entrusted with the honour of serving you. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for all the good things that God has done. To Him be all of the glory!

There is one area of concern that we need to draw your attention to. If left unchecked and not spoken to with a spirit of faith, we could find ourselves in a place that I do not believe is the will of God for us.

Since the start of 2015 our Tithes and Offerings have not met budget. In fact, we have been under budget approximately $3500 per week. This trend is alarming and if it continues choices will need to be made that will undermine and destabilise our momentum.

I’m sure you will agree, that we as a body of believers have enjoyed a fantastic start to the year in so many areas. Let’s not allow a lack of finances to harm the good things that are taking place.

I am asking our Church to rise up in a spirit of faith and remain faithful to the Lord in the area of Tithes and Offerings.

2 Corinthians 8:10 Here is my advice: It would be good for you to finish what you started a year ago.

2 Corinthians 8:11 Now you should finish what you started. Let the eagerness you showed in the beginning be matched now by your giving. 

Paul reminds the Corinthian Church of their initial desire to give in an offering and their subsequent commitment to do so. Sadly, their initial enthusiasm had faded and disintegrated.

Church, let’ not be like the Corinthian believers. Nothing is accomplished in the Kingdom if what is started is not finished. Initial enthusiasm is good, however the Lord is looking for us to finish His work!

Be aware that our Board are exercising their spiritual mandate by a determined & detailed effort to supervise our finances well. We have engaged in realistic planning, clear-cut guidelines, and determined execution.We are committed to administrating God’s resources well as we firmly believe this is foundational to the success of any Ministry.

There are a number of ways you can give;

Westpac Corporation
BSB 032-059
Account Number: 201751
Account Name: Shirelive Direct Deposits
Facilities available at the Reception desk in the foyer
Please contact Steve Lam (accounts) for details on (02) 9521 2933
Give cards are available at the Reception desk or in the auditorium during the service
Please contact Steve Lam (accounts) for details on (02) 9521 2933
Payments can be made during the course of our Church services
Cheques payable to Shirelive Limited

Shirelive, we are appealing to you in a spirit of love. We firmly believe that we are destined to impact our nation and many needy regions across the world will find hope in Jesus Christ because of your giving.

Faith is acting like it is so, even when it’s not so, in order that it might be so, simply because God said so.

We look forward to worshipping the Lord together with you this weekend!

With a great love,

Pastors Brad & Alison

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Hey Church! 

Last Sunday was defining. We are being called to a place of strength…God is building His church!

TONIGHT is our Term 1. Leaders & Volunteers Advance at 7pm. As well as some really exciting stuff from the heart of our Key Pastoral Team, we have MASSIVE cookies and coffee on for you!

See you tonight!


Hebrews 11:14-16a
Obviously people who say such things are looking forward to a country they can call their own. If they had longed for the country they came from, they could have gone back. But they were looking for a better place, a heavenly homeland.

We are not there yet.

We are becoming.

We are not what we were.

We are not yet what we are going to be.

This is the gist of these verses heralding heroes of the faith who moved onward toward a heavenly vision. They did not look back in longing. They did not stop looking toward the promise as they were en route.

As sons and daughters we are called to bring heaven to earth – to see His Kingdom advance. We as a church are destined by God to see His light and His salvation come to the darkest places. We are called to see lives healed and restored back to God, sons and daughters raised, orphans find home and people released into their God-given destiny.

Last Sunday (Vision Sunday #1.) we looked forward.

We saw a picture of the ‘next thing’ God is calling us to walk into. We were led to see the ‘strength’ that God is leading us into this year. We are being called to a “strength to strength” position… strong marriages that go to greater strength, rest-filled work that is achieved from an even stronger position of rest in the Lord, strength of worship that goes to an even deeper place of strength and intimacy.

A part of Shirelive becoming not only a healthy church but a strong one, is structural strength. Yesterday Ps. Brad announced our newly appointed Eldership who will lead our church spiritually as God directs. In addition to this, our newly composed Board was announced, a group that is graced by God to govern in areas of finance, compliance and business functions to ensure that we are strong as a church, and our operations glorify the Lord in every way.

By far the most exciting endeavor that will be starting this year is Shirelive School of Supernatural Ministry (SSOSM)! SSOSM is the central way that Shirelive people will be able to “digest” the Word of God and the principles of His Kingdom to become strong in the grace of God. Last Sunday an incredible array of courses with a strong Spirit dynamic was unveiled… and so many hungry Shirelive people responded at the Registration table! Make sure you don’t miss out! Our fortnightly Term 1 courses begin 10th Feb!  (check your mailbox this week…we think this is so important that we’ve mailed the course guide to you!)

In addition to SSOSM, we have a strong number of people who are engaging in our first ‘whole church’ Internship program! Over 20 people of all ages will be developing their call through midweek training and service in every department of our church!

Shirelive, we are becoming.

Health has filled our being and a natural byproduct of a healthy body is a hunger for nutritious food that will strengthen it.

God is calling us to strength that His Kingdom may come through us.

Ps. Vision Sunday #2 happens THIS SUNDAY! FebFast will be launched, some exciting media news will be announced and a few other surprises will be unveiled!

FEBFAST (9th – 15th
This year our annual FebFast will happen for 7 Days. Shirelive people will be praying, seeking God and fasting for our church and our families next week.

To help you with this, a FebFast 7 Day Devotional will be available

A Prayer Room will be open at Shirelive between 9am and 3pm on Thurs 12th Feb and Friday 13th Feb. All Shirelive members are welcome to visit and spend some time praying for our church. The room will be a quiet, worshipful space with some prayer requests on the wall for you to pray through. For more information call Mel on 9521 2933.


Sutherland AM: “Vision Sunday #2.” With Ps. Brad & Ps. Alison Bonhomme :

Last week we were introduced to our call to STRENGTH…this week more will be revealed! You will be wowed with what’s happening in our midst.

Sutherland PM: Ps Brad Bonhomme “Shift Series #2.”

Hannah of 1 Samuel 1 fame was brokenhearted – but her honest, specific and God-glorifying prayer got answered and it gives insight into the kind of prayer God wants us to pray.

This week we go deeper as Pastor Brad teaches us how to get our pray on!

8th February                          Vision Sunday #2.
10th February                         SSOSM Launch
22nd February                       Life Group Expo (AM)
22nd Februray                       EP Launch (PM) with special guest Ps. Cameron Bennett

Love, Ps. Kristy

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Hey Church! 

When I first saw the Blockbuster January promotion in Live Update, I was filled with buzz and anticipation about what God would do. I personally really only knew Tim Hall, but… OMGOSH! Every week, just when I thought it could not get any better, God far exceeded any and every expectation!

Thought for the week
“Let’s make a small room on the roof and put in it a bed and a table, a chair and a lamp for him. Then he can stay there whenever he comes to us.” 2 Kings 4:10

Last Sunday morning, God really challenged us about what happens when we make space for Him in our world. Ps Martin spoke on two significant points: that it matters the prominence of where the room is built and how the room is furnished. I won’t recap the whole message for you, but I encourage you to listen to the podcast if you missed it as it was truly great teaching!

Can I have a moment of honesty church – sometimes I can hear a message on a Sunday and love it, however if I’m not careful, sometimes I can find that by Monday, I’ve already forgotten what was preached and how the Holy Spirit spoke to me. Maybe you’re just like me and it’s Thursday and when I mention Sunday’s word, it seems like months ago to you and you’ve managed to get caught up in the busyness of the week and not allowed God the space that you promised you’d make for Him on Sunday.

My encouragement to you is that it isn’t too late to start. It takes 21 days to build a habit in your life and there’s no time like the present! Why not today give God a bit of time and see what He would do? You could be pleasantly surprised!

Coming up

1st Feb              Vision Sunday
3rd Feb             Leaders and Volunteers Launch
8th Feb            Vision Sunday
22nd Feb          LG Expo

See you Sunday!

Ps. Alex

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Hey Church!

Hope you are enjoying the Christmas countdown! Schools have finished, work’s wrapping up and who can forget the Christmas parties?! (I’ve already had four this week and yes it is only Wednesday)!! But I can’t lie…I love Christmas!!

A short distance down the beach they came upon another pair of brothers, James and John, Zebedee’s sons. These two were sitting in a boat with their father, Zebedee, mending their fishnets. Jesus made the same offer to them, and they were just as quick to follow, abandoning boat and father. (Matthew 4:21-22 MSG)

I’m always fascinated when I read about Jesus calling His disciples. I mean, there’s no job application process, no reference checks, just a simple, “Hey, come follow me and I’ll make you fishers of men!” Then, these guys would leave their whole lives and just follow a stranger?
James and John are just doing their usual day job, mending their nets and a random guy comes up and tells them to follow Him. I wonder if they even had a clue about the adventure that they were being invited on and what God had in store for them?! Crazy to think that one day they were fisherman, then next they are a part of the key team that would revolutionise everything!

On Sunday morning Ps Kristy spoke about Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch in Acts 8 exploring the way the Holy Spirit is always working in the hearts of those that don’t yet know Him, without us knowing, and encouraging us about the adventures that God takes us on when we just say YES! (really was an incredible message – you should podcast it)!

I want to invite you on that same adventure today!

Let’s not be people who get so stuck mending our nets or whatever that may be in your world – paying the bills, writing a report, building a wall, cleaning the house – whatever – that we miss the adventure that God has in store for us!

Coming up:
25th December             9:30am Christmas Day 1hr Service – Sutherland Campus
28th December             AM Service only (an exciting “Thanksgiving” for the year that was!)
4th January                   Ps. Tim Hall…Holy Ghost Fire!
10th January                 Leaders Training Morning with Ps. David Storer
11th January                 Ps. David Storer…Powerful Prophecy
18th January                 Ps. Martin Steel….Dynamic Faith for the New Year
22nd – 24th January       Summer Days Camp

Can’t wait to see you Sunday!


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Hey Church!

Last Sunday was incredible! A heartwarming Gift Giving Service morning then 20 people being baptised at our “I Have Decided” night!
I love this time of year with such exciting things going on at church all the time! (On a side note…there is only 14 days left until Christmas…when did that happen?! better get started shopping!)

Thought for the week 
Matthew 1:18-21, 24
18 This is how Jesus the Messiah was born. His mother, Mary, was engaged to be married to Joseph. But before the marriage took place, while she was still a virgin, she became pregnant through the power of the Holy Spirit. 19 Joseph, her fiancé, was a good man and did not want to disgrace her publicly, so he decided to break the engagement quietly. 20 As he considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream. “Joseph, son of David,” the angel said, “do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife. For the child within her was conceived by the Holy Spirit. 21 And she will have a son, and you are to name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.”… 24 When Joseph woke up, he did as the angel of the Lord commanded and took Mary as his wife.

The good old Christmas story! Everyone knows it – even kids. I was speaking to a work colleague last week who doesn’t yet know Jesus.  She recounted a story of her 5 year old daughter who told her that her Advent Calendar was counting down the days to Jesus’ birthday and that she didn’t need any presents for Christmas this year OR next year because Christmas was about Jesus’ birthday, not presents. (We then laughed about how she should have recorded this!)

We do have a tendency, however, to romanticise the first Christmas a little bit. I mean have you ever actually thought about what the Christmas story would have been like to live out?

Imagine being Joseph – You’re engaged to the love of your life. Planning the wedding that she has always dreamed of. Then …BOMBSHELL – she tells you she’s pregnant and you know that it’s not yours because that would be…well, a “miracle”! Your mind starts racing and go on an emotional whirlwind! You feel hurt, betrayed, angry, all alone and in a pit of despair. But, he acts nobly, deciding to “break the engagement quietly.” Then, as he is deciding this, the Holy Spirit interrupts him and lets him in on the story of the very first Christmas.

Your experience might not be as dramatic as Joseph’s but perhaps you are totally sucked into the chaos of this season!

Can I encourage you church – don’t let the chaos of the Christmas season, stop you from having time with God. The reality of the real Christmas story gives me a little bit of hope. God doesn’t need our lives to be peaceful and full of “silent” nights, He just needs us to invite Him into the chaos and give Him a little bit of space like Joseph did that very first Christmas.

PS. Here’s some invite ideas to get your friends and family along to Carols:

  • Cook up a batch of gingerbread cookies & take them to your neighbours with a Carols invite
  • Spend this Saturday arvo personally calling 5 people to invite them to the best event in town on the 21st Dec
  • Pop an invite in the mail with a handwritten letter to 10 friends
  • Facebook your friends and let them know you will save them a seat
  • Invite your friends and family and host a supper at your house after the Carols!

ALSO – if you still need a Christmas present for your young person – can I recommend a Shirelive Youth Golden Ticket! It will give entry into our 5 main events throughout this year – Summer Days Camp, Groundswell, Winter Camp, Synergy Big Night and Shirelive Youth Gala Night – for only $249!! It’s well worth the savings!! See our Summer Days Camp desk for more details!

Coming up:
21st December             5:30pm Carols in the Shire
25th December             9:30am Christmas Day 1hr Service – Sutherland Campus
28th December             AM Service only (an exciting “Thanksgiving” for the year that was!)
4th January                   Ps. Tim Hall…Holy Ghost Fire!
10th January                 Leaders Training Morning with Ps. David Storer
11th January                 Ps. David Storer…Powerful Prophecy
18th January                 Ps. Martin Steel….Dynamic Faith for the New Year
22nd – 24th                   January  Summer Days Camp

Pastor Alex Johnson

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Hey Church!

This Sunday is JAM PACKED with goodness! Our annual Gift Giving Service in the AMat Sutherland (& Pastor Brad at City) and then our “I Have Decided” Baptism service at the new time of 5.30pm!

Verse of the week:
Acts 20:35 “…You should remember the words of the Lord Jesus: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”

What happens to you when I say the word “generosity”?

Some of us freak out a little bit because we don’t have lots of money to play with, some of us get a bit sad because it often means sacrifice and missing out, some of us feel pain because we’d really love to be generous but we find it difficult to be so, and there are some who feel a thrill of excitement.

Here’s a funny thought: “generosity” is not a naughty word.

In today’s society it can be easy to think that is. Especially at Christmas time – the retail world love to give us ridiculous amounts of junk mail with a few gift ideas for others, but then LOADS of “SALE” items to add to our own wish list. Suddenly we realise that we “NEED” new things! And that’s extra pressure on top of our already huge list of needs.

But then, have you ever put heaps of effort into buying someone the most thoughtful gift and heard them say “how did you know?!” when they opened it? Or have you ever watched a child rip open a present and scream with excitement? (And then you had to tell them that they couldn’t take their new skateboard to bed when they couldn’t part with it?!). Have you ever spoiled someone just for the sake of it and watched them become overwhelmed with emotion?

Generosity is actually a really AMAZING, eye-opening, tear jerking, heart exploding, life-changing thing!

I definitely don’t feel like this after eating a whole gift box of chocolates by myself!

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that being generous will ALWAYS BE WORTH IT! Giving to others is such a meaningful and powerful opportunity, and we will always be more blessed than we can imagine.

As a Kids Pastor I’m also passionate and know that we can teach our kids about generosity from a young age. As they are given the opportunity to be generous, they’ll get to experience the impact they get to have on others. They can learn that the awesome feeling of having “the new latest toy” will soon wear off, but the joy of giving will stay with them forever. This Sunday is an amazing opportunity to build the value of generosity into your family as you place a gift at the Shirelive Tree for a family in need …and have fun making a memory together in the process!

CAROLS IN THE SHIRE – Dec 21st 5:30pm
Our Kids are PUMPED (and rehearsing hard!) for their BIG item! Kids starting from our youngest age group will be dressing up, singing and making us all cry, and they are SO excited. Parents, make sure you invite your family and friends to watch your children up on stage. This will be a very proud family moment!

…and don’t forget, Mark Vincent, Chris Sebastian and a load of Shirelive Talent will be featured in this amazing event designed especially for you to bring your friends!


21st December          5:30pm Carols in the Shire
25th December          9.30am Christmas Day Service – Sutherland Campus

See you Sunday!

Love Pastor Hannah Shand

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Hi Church!

December is just a few days away, so we thought we would send you a quick Calendar Enews  just so you can be in the know about all the good things that are happening at your church home.   Check out all the details below:
Carols in the Shire – Dec 21st 6pm
Save the date!  Our inaugural Carols in the Shire Event is only a couple of weeks away. This is definitely the event to invite your friends and neighbours too.  It will be a community friendly, family event with special guest performers Chris Sebastian and Mark Vincent.  The church will be decked out for Christmas and I hear that Santa may have time to drop by!! This Sunday we will equip you with beautiful invites, so that you can get the word out.

Christmas Day – Thursday Dec 25th  9:30am
On Christmas Day service our will commence at 9.30am and will finish by 10.30am, leaving heaps of time to make it to that awesome Christmas lunch.

If you are local for Christmas, please come celebrate the reason for the season with your Shirelive Church family.

I love the Christmas season!

It is busy, colourful and one of the few seasons where people hangout and eat and sing together because they can.  What’s more, Jesus gets mentioned for all the right reasons! We are so looking forward to enjoying Christmas with you!

God bless and see you Sunday!

Pastor Deb Lenzo

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Hi Church!

Summer has arrived early and that signals that Christmas is just around the corner.  I love this time of year.  It’s not just about the sun and the surf, or the tinsel and mistletoe.  Christmas is an amazing time to help people connect with Christ.

I remember when I was first sent to Kids Church at the age of 4 and hearing about Jesus for the first time.  I remember thinking, “why hadn’t I heard about this before?”.  It seemed like Jesus was someone I should know. I distinctly remember praying for the first time (other than grace at dinner) and asking Jesus to be my best friend.  It’s one of the reasons why I am passionate about Children’s ministry. I believe that every child is born with a ‘God consciousness’, that though they couldn’t put words to the concept, they know that Jesus is a perfect fit for that space in their lives.

It is also one of the reasons I think Christmas is one of the best outreach opportunities we have.  In the midst of the Carols, the candle light and the decorated trees, somehow even grown adults can find space to lay aside their inhibitions and with child-like wonder, let the ’magic’ of Christmas bring smiles to faces and peace and togetherness to communities… even it is just for a few moments.

See, you and I know it isn’t Christmas ’magic’ that comes on a sleigh that brings those experiences.  It’s really the Holy Spirit that has a chance to touch the hearts of young and old, through worship hymns, now turned Carols, that remember Jesus, and the life He came to bring.

We are creatively and prayerfully planning a December that will help draw you and your friends beyond the commercial Christmas and into a world of celebration and wonder. On Sunday December 21st at 5.30pm we launch the inaugural CAROLS IN THE SHIRE.  This is our own community carols service, for your friends and family.  There will be vibrant colour, Christmas lights, choirs, carols and amazing guests Mark Vincent andChris Sebastian!

Now while that sounds really cool, our carols will have one amazing difference and that is our Number one guest… the Holy Spirit. It is God’s Spirit that in the midst of the Carols, we are believing, who will gently and lovingly draw people to God and all that He has for them.  Revelation 3: 20 from this week’s readings in the Shirelive Bible reading plan says:  Here I am! I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.

I am believing that through our Christmas services, carols and gift distribution, people will be invited into a place where they can hear that knock … and feel safe enough to invite Him in.  I encourage you to be praying and believing with our Shirelive Team for a supernatural Christmas experience for our families, friends and neighbours.

See you Sunday!
Deb Lenzo

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How are you today? Isn’t it crazy that we are talking over email? I feel like I should be promoting ham, cheese and tomato croissants, as I’m known to do. In all seriousness though, I can’t wait to get one Sunday morning!

Moving right along…. A couple of weeks ago in our Bible Reading Plan, we read Psalm 130, Verse 5 and 6 have really resonated with me over these past two weeks.

I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits,
and in his word I put my hope.
I wait for the Lord
more than watchmen wait for the morning,
more than watchmen wait for the morning. - Psalm 130:5-6 (NIV)

What I find incredible, is how even today God uses His creation to powerfully communicate His goodness and love towards humanity. You see, as the Psalmist writes, “more than the watchmen wait for the morning”, he alludes to the role of the Levite watchman in the temple. The watchman would signal to the town the dawn of a new day.

How powerful that God’s word challenges us to believe that we can wait for the goodness of the Lord more confidently than someone who waits for sunrise. His goodness and mercy CHASE us down and we can be confident in this truth every day of our lives.

Today’s challenge… Are we expectantly waiting for his goodness? Are we putting our hope in Him? Are we waiting for the opportunity for God to provide in our personal situations and in the situations of those around us?

Let us be a church that attentively waits, looking for the opportunities to pray for people, invite people to church or to be generous to others! We think and act differently when we are more confident in God’s goodness, than the rising of the morning sun.



  • 14th November Youth Gala Night (tickets available from reception)
  • 16th November Guest: Corey Turner (Prophetic Ministry)
  • 29th November Shirelive Women – Breakfast by the Beach with Sam MacPherson (tickets available from reception)
  • 30th November Guest: Sam MacPherson

See you Sunday!
Jackson Moore

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WOW! What a FANTASTIC SUNDAY we had last weekend. Whether you were in City or Sutherland A.M. service, lifting up shouts of praise or in the P.M. worshipping your lungs out to our awesome, God-breathed and homegrown songs of worship, you would have sensed all the great things that God has ahead for Shirelive …because PRAISE COMES FIRST!

Church, I am very excited as we launch our brand new series “I AM MY FATHERS SON”. I was sharing at our City Campus last week that I am no longer the Shane they used to know! I am Shane 2.0! God has taken the revelation of sonship so deep in me personally, that I feel like I’ve had a firmware update! So let me give you a sneak peak…

First, we must address one thing all the ladies of the house might be thinking… What about the daughters??

For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus. For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise. - Galatians 3:26-29

When we preach on sonship, we are speaking of a place of inheritance. As the Bible says “neither Jew, nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female; for you are ALL ONE in Christ Jesus.” Sonship is not to do with WHO we are in terms of our race, gender or background. It’s about WHOSE we are. As children of our loving Father God, we are part of sacred line of inheritance passed to ‘sons’ of the Father.

“Those led by the spirit of God; they are the sons of God” - Romans 8:14

Being led by Gods Spirit is not about gender, but about heirship. A son in Bible times, was the line through which inheritance flowed. A son was the one who would have known the father’s intent. We see this in Jesus when he said “I must be about my FATHER’S business”. Through Christ, we all have the opportunity to become a ‘son’, which in turn releases the abundant inheritance God has for our lives!

For after all these things the Gentiles seek. For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you - Mattew 6:33-43

It is when we FIRST place our identity, our faith and our trust in our Father, that we see everything else begin to line up. In a consumerist society, we have the tendency to attach ourselves to things and when they break, don’t work or fall apart, often so do we. This is not how we are called to live as sons of Father God.

Then He said, “Take now your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains of which I shall tell you. - Genesis 22:2

When Abraham took Isaac – the son of promise, God was locating Abraham’s sonship. …Was he more strongly attached to the Promise of God or to Father God? Any father can give a child toys, money or stuff but a healthy relationship can only come from close communication and contact with the Father.
Our heavenly Father created us for relationship with Him first.
You are His son and heir of royal line.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. See you early in church early on Sunday to hear more of this exciting, life-unlocking revelation – You are your FATHERS SON!

Friday 14th November
Shirelive Youth Gala Night is now on Friday 14th November!! It is our annual fundraiser our Youth Ministry and is a great night for all. There’s live & silent auctions, canapés, drinks, dessert & a great night showcasing our youth ministry. Tickets are $20 for students, $35 for adults or $90 for a family (2 adults & 2 students). Amazing business sponsorship tables are also available for $500 and you and your table will be treated to VIP experience on the night!
Tickets are available at Shirelive Youth or at reception on 9521 2933. 
Shirelive Youth are also looking for donations of items that could be auctioned in either our live or silent auction. If you have something that you would be interested to donate, please email Alex Vance at [email protected] or call on 9521 2933.


  • 14th November Youth Gala Night
  • 16th November Guest: Corey Turner (Prophetic Ministry)
  • 29th November Shirelive Women – Breakfast with Sam MacPherson

Love you Shirelive