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Aug 22, 2014   //   by Shirelive   //   News  //  No Comments

Hi Church!

Thank you to each and every person who has registered for “Saturday of Service” 2014. 

We have been overrun with amazing Shirelive people registering and we are ready to blitz Sylvanvale with the goodness of God in practical service!

If you haven’t registered (registrations are now closed) please come and join us around the BBQ at 7.30am breakfast and 1.30pm lunch!

Our “Think Pink” Women’s event has been overwhelmed with registrations too! Don’t worry though – we have made a plan and even though we are COMPLETELY oversold (!!!) we have made space and will be opening this event up to many more women! It is going to be a vibrant, exciting and fun night of trivia, friends, fun, real-life stories, giveaways & gifts and practical health tips all to raise funds for a life-saving cause! Call Mel at reception if you need a ticket! (p. 9521 2933)

Also, WELCOME BACK to our Alice Springs Trek Team! I ran into Murray Balfour (a trek member) at the Post Office yesterday and he was grinning ear to ear about the incredible things God did in his life on the trek as the team ministered in Indigenous Australia! More stories coming soon!

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.”-Psalm 23:5

Yesterday I had breakfast with one of our gun youth leaders (we have the best youth leaders in the universe – I am convinced!).

She was sharing with me that, coming into the final year of her uni degree, she was reflecting on the last three years or so and was just so overwhelmingly grateful for the goodness of God and how far she had come since she came back into relationship with the Lord.

Without going into details (I will leave that to her – she has some stories to tell!), what she was describing is what happens when we are picked up by the Lord in our sin and brokenness and lifted to His banquet table, raised in dignity and strength, clothed in power and blessed beyond comprehension. 

This week, we move beyond the pastures and the valleys to the banquet table in our Psalm 23 series….you are going to be surprised and blessed as Pastor Brad (Sutherland) and Pastor Shane (City) unfold revelation out of this victorious verse.

See you this Sunday!

Reggie Dabbs is coming to town!!!

Funny, brash, outlandish and larger than life! Reggie Dabbs is in our 6pm service NEXT WEEK!!! 

Reggie communicates in stadiums, schools, universities and churches around the world every week, captivating audiences with a message of hope packaged in mesmerising stories!

Coming from a horrific background of abandonment and hopelessness, Reggie’s testimony of redemption, love and life change will TOUCH YOUR FRIEND’S LIFE!

Work the phones, email your friends and bring as many as you can! It’s one of those times when you will DEFINITELY WANT A ROW OF FRIENDS WITH YOU!!!

Fathers Day Fun! 7th September 

Don’t forget to lock in the best Father’s Day you’ve ever had at Shirelive!

Ps. Mark Lassey, SA’s Youth Alive Leader and a consummate communicator is speaking in our AM and PM services! Your Dad is going to love this and we are going to have a brilliant Father’s Day in church!


“Think Pink” THIS THURSDAY! #getyourpinkon …call Mel at reception for your ticket (p. 9521 2933)

Reggie Dabbs NEXT SUNDAY PM ….Invite ANYONE who needs this super fun & powerful message of hope!

Mark Lassey in the house for Father’s Day, 7th September!

See you on the weekend Shirelive!

x Kristy

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Hi Church!

Saturday of Service (read on for more info!) is just ONE week away …and we are into verse 4 of Psalm 23…life is good!

This afternoon I had coffee with my friend Shalini. She is a beautiful accomplished woman in our church who has been studying fiercely for a season of professional development in her career as a Doctor in Emergency Medicine.

Over coffee she shared with me just how significant the Psalm 23 series had been in helping her maintain a place of rest and confidence in the Lord at a time of such hard work and stress. In fact, she even shared the phone wallpaper of Psalm 23 (available on our website to download!) to another student, who though still on her own spiritual journey, found great comfort in it. 

Another friend I caught up with over coffee this morning was reflecting on the series and how she and her young family are experiencing new levels of provision and favour (through some really surprising God inspired turn of events!) as a family who cling to the truth that the “Lord is THEIR shepherd and THEY lack nothing”!

This week we venture into verse 4. After three weeks of teaching on the provision of the Lord, the rest and grace found in His leading and the restoration that He works in our lives I can’t wait to discover what this Psalm has to say about those inevitable dark times in “the valley of the shadow of death”.

See you at our 9.30am Sutherland service or our 10.30am City service as the series continues.

SATURDAY OF SERVICE …..Just 1 week to go!!!

Shirelive is renowned for our many years of service to groups like Kirinari, PCYC, aged care homes and local high-schools.

2014 is our year to blitz Sylvanvale Disabilities Services with the love of Jesus through practical and impacting acts of service.

We will be painting, detailing, mowing, building and leaving a lasting impact on the lives of people living with disability.

As well as that, we are going to celebrate around a BBQ for breakfast and lunch!!! There is nothing like a big church bash to make new friends, hang out with your church family and head home at 2.00pm satisfied that you’ve had fun and made memories as well as changing lives!

WE NEED YOU! SIGN UP NOW!!!! (It’ll take you just 1 minute! GO!) ….come for an hour or stay for the day!

For more information contact Pastor Warren at [email protected] or call Reception ph. 9521 2933 today!

PS. If you have signed up you will be receiving an email in the next 48hrs with information on where to meet, what to bring and what is happening!


SUNDAY AM (Sutherland Campus) 9.30am: Ps. Brad Bonhomme

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death ….”

Yeah….what about those times? Ever wondered where God is in the dark times?

Sunday will be a word of hope, life and power for every heart.

SUNDAY AM (City Campus) 10.30am: Ps. Kristy Rigg 

It’s easy to trust God in the good times – but have you ever wondered how to cling to Him in the dark times?

Real words for real times that we all experience somewhere along the road.

PS. Pastor Sarah Gibson will be leading worship at City this Sunday! I just spoke with her and she is so excited to be with our City crew experiencing God’s presence together! 

SUNDAY PM (Sutherland Campus) 6.00pm: Ps. Ali Bonhomme

Sunday nights are all about a fun, fair dinkum encounter with God!

Pastor Alison has experienced the power and presence of God in good and bad times and delivers the Word in a fun, life filled and relatable way! You are going to love Sunday night!

PS. WAFFLES!!!! Any body say, ice cream & choc-fudge waffles?! …straight after the service we have the goods to tickle your taste buds and fill your belly!

Love you Shirelive,

Ps. Kristy Rigg

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Aug 7, 2014   //   by Shirelive   //   News  //  No Comments

Hey Amazing SHIRELIVE!

How good is our Psalm 23 AM Series!

I love digging deeper into this phenomenal Psalm.

The more I look, the more I see, the incredible character and nature of our Lord, The Good Shepherd – Jesus Christ.

He restores my soul;
He leads me in the paths of righteousness
For His name’s sakePsalm 23:3

A few weeks ago I was driving back from my usual 7am sunrise swim with the Blueswimmers down at what I like to call SOUTH aka South Cronulla Beach when I noticed a squealing scratchy sound. As I popped the window down to investigate further my heart dropped… this sound was all too familiar to a bloke who had, in his teenage days, a history of engine troubles and maintenance issues. The brakes were worn out!

After a quick, but expensive trip to the mechanic the brakes where replaced, no more sounds and plenty of more blueswimming to be enjoyed!

Have you ever been in a place in your life where you feel depleted, exhausted & worn out?

Maybe work deadlines have been hounding, or close relationships are screeching & there is much noise and not much peace.

Be encouraged today, maybe all you need is a trip to the Good Shepherd mechanic.

Psalm 23:3 says He RESTORES my soul, In fact that word literally means, “to turn back”… Turn back the wearing; Turn back the rubbing of life.

The incredible thing is that it wont cost you anywhere near as much as I paid for my brakes. In fact, by the very grace of God RESTORING souls, whilst it came at a high cost, is always, at a very special price from our Good Shepherd Jesus – FREE.

Turn back the rub of life today, embrace Jesus. Have that quiet time you planned to have, pop on that worship CD on your way home from work, have a deeper conversation with Jesus today & allow Him to turn-back your soul and restore those brake pads. It may just save your life!

City Report

God is doing great things across our Church, In particular in our City Campus.
We have been in our new University of Sydney venue now for 5 weeks and God is on the move.
This month as a church we have sent out the invites, opened up the doors, rolled out the red carpet with sausage sizzles, hot coffees and other surprises over the month of August for our Big August Invite. Already new people are popping their heads in, searching, seeking looking for a church family that loves people and is dynamic a place to connect in Sydney.

If you by chance know someone in USYD or in the Camperdown region you think would love to connect with our City Campus family I would love to personally meet them. Why not bring them to a service one day or introduce them to me over a coffee?

Whether you are a Sutherland or a City congregation member, what is happening at our City Campus is history shaping for Shirelive Church. Thank you for your continual prayers and encouragement as we trail blaze this new ground God Himself has opened up to us to advance the Kingdom of God like never before.

Coming up
SOS 23rd August 

Our Saturday of Service at Sylvandale is coming up fast – Saturday 23rd August

This will be a incredible time of Church action as we serve the incredible Sylvandale community.
It will be a day for the entire family! Mum & Dad, bring your kids, as there are some amazing child friendly projects planned you can do together. Please keep in mind parents; due to the nature of the day, you will be responsible for the supervision of your children.

And if your haven’t registered here’s the link now so you can Register

Think Pink
Our Women’s Ministry led by our amazing Senior Pastor Alison Bonhomme is NEXT LEVEL.
Don’t forget to register your trivia table ladies for the THINK PINK Night on the 28thAugust.

Tables are going fast!

23rd August                  Saturday of Service

28th August                  “Think Pink” Women’s Event

31st August                   Reggie Dabbs in PM service 

Love Ya Heaps Church. Be Blessed!


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It’s Psalm 23 fever at Shirelive! If the Instagrams and Facebook feeds are anything to go by, our church is LOVING the revelation that is unfolding in our new AM series!

Have you signed up for Saturday of Service on 23rd August? Click here …. And read on for more details!

ALSO! Kids, click here to check out our guest worship artist!Sean W. Smith is coming to all Sutherland services THIS WEEK just for you!

He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters…”Psalm 23:2

I reached for the milk in my fridge this morning.

It had those flaky white bits around the plastic screw top lid…which prompted me to check the date… 31st July. Already!

In that moment, competing tensions arose. The pressure of deadlines attached to dates, the fleeting nature of time and a desire to do something significant with it…but then the Thursday morning tiredness of a week almost over and a feeling that in that moment perhaps I lacked the energy to achieve what I needed to came to my awareness.

There are competing tensions – demands, desires, the pace of 21st Century Sydney life. There is also very clear wisdom in the Bible regarding seizing the day, working while the sun still shines and recognizing that now is the day of salvation.

Yet, instead of succumbing to the spirit of the age – the hurry, the push and the driving spirit that permeates our world, Psalm 23 calls us to a much more prophetic way of life….rest.

Here, the good Shepherd, the same Lord in whom we lack nothing (ala verse one…get the podcast here MAKES us lie down! He LEADS us to the calming and restorative place of still, quiet waters.

Here in this verse we find the prophetic antidote to the hurry sickness of this age. Andyour Shepherd longs to lead you to that place.

See you Sunday morning as Pastor Brad (Sutherland) and Pastor Shane (City) preachPsalm 23 part 2!

SATURDAY OF SERVICE - 23rd August (8.00am – 2.00pm) 

This year we are set to bless the lives of people living with disability at Sylvanvale.

Whether you like to paint, mow, clean, cook….or simply enjoy chatting to people in your church family over the Brekkie and Lunch BBQ, make sure your put your name down!

IF YOU HAVE TRADE SKILLS Pastor Warren would love to meet you to discuss a specialized role on the day!


23rd August                  Saturday of Service
28th August                  “Think Pink” Women’s Event
31st August                   Reggie Dabbs in PM service 

Love Pastor Kristy

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This week we begin our journey through Psalm 23 in our morning services on both campuses and in JZone! You are going to love this life-building series.

“…for I will speak to you in a parable. I will teach you hidden lessons from our past—stories we have heard and known, stories our ancestors handed down to us.” - Psalm 28:2 – 3

A picture can tell a thousand words, so the saying goes.

An ancient coin, a grandmothers ring, an unexpected tear, a knotted tree…each could evoke layers of meaning depending on the significance to the hearer.

Sometimes there are things in God that are just too deep and profound for literal language. Sometimes the richness of the truth requires a picture, a parable or a story to truly cut to the heart and spirit of what God wants to say to us.

Psalm 23 is like this.

Almost holding folkloric status, this simple 6 verse Psalm set in a rural environment is known by most (and has been for centuries). These words have been passed from one generation to another.

Yet, most never grasp the life-changing truths contained in the journey of the relationship depicted. The sheep, the Shepherd, the banquet table, the cup…each image, among others, is a key to understanding the way the Father relates to us and our position in Him.

AND this is the stuff of the exciting Sunday mornings ahead! We are about to embark on a journey through this Psalm that will FOREVER change you!

Over the next 6 weeks, your heart will expand with revelation, your eyes will be opened and your trust in your Shepherd will deepen!

Church, I cannot wait for us to embark upon this significant pilgrimage together! Don’t miss this week as we head into Psalm 23.

WINTER WARMERS! All our services are heated to a beautifully toasty temperature! Hot drinks and snacks are provided at all services and we have a beautiful café area so you can have a chat with your friends after the service.

Saturday of Service, 23rd August (8.00am – 2.00pm) 
Last year Shirelive invested a 50k plus basketball court into the life of an Indigenous Hostel! This year we are set to bless the lives of people living with disability at Sylvanvale.

THIS WEEK is your opportunity to SIGN UP to our annual Saturday of Service! Whether you like to paint, mow, clean, cook….or simply enjoy chatting to people in your church family over the Brekkie and Lunch BBQ, make sure your put your name down!

IF YOU HAVE TRADE SKILLS Pastor Warren would love to meet you to discuss a specialized role on the day!


Building the  Generations Update 

In early August we will feature a special update on our Building the Generations Offering! We cannot wait to announce the exciting result of our recent BTG month.


3rd August                    Sean W. Smith Kids Worship Artist  with our Kids in all
Sutherland services

23rd August                  Saturday of Service

28th August                  “Think Pink” Women’s Event

31st August                   Reggie Dabbs in PM service 

Love Pastor Kristy

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Hey Church 

The weather may be a crisp & cold but the atmosphere at our Youth Camp is HOT!!!! God has been moving among our young people and there are testimonies that are going to blow you away this Sunday night!!!

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” - John 16:33

When I was a child I used to sing a song that repeated the line, “with Christ as my shepherd I can smile at the storm.”

In childhood those words had simple meaning. As an adult, however, the full magnitude of these words played out as I became more aware and experienced in the troubles of this world.

Stress, cancer, natural disaster, the violent persecution of Christians, infertility, loneliness, financial difficulty, depression, a bad diagnosis over your child, concerns for safety are all encapsulated in a simple statement Jesus makes…..”in this world you will have trouble.”

Jesus, however, doesn’t hit the panic button. Nor does he blithely pretend that life in Him life is breezy.


He is the truth so he must speak about realities of life in this world in truthful terms. Here, he prepares His disciples for the horrific events about to unfold (his death, their abandonment etc.)… and the outworking of God’s purposes in the pain.

He gives us a powerful universal principle in the face of all the troubles this world holds…. “In me you may have peace.” That is, even IN the storm and IN the troubles, your true peace is found IN Him.

His words stand today in the daily troubles of life … “in Me you may have peace”


KIDS!!! JZone, Cubby House & Noah’s Ark are back in full swing ready for Term 3! Come along and have a BLAST!!!

WINTER WARMERS! All our services are heated to a beautifully toasty temperature! Hot drinks and snacks are provided at all services and we have a beautiful café area so you can have a chat with your friends after the service.


15th   July            Term 3 Life Group Leaders Launch
20th July              Jaye Liubinskas Worship experience in all Sutherland services
3rd August           Sean W. Smith Kids Worship Artist with our Kids in all Sutherland services
28th August         “Think Pink” Women’s Event
31st August         Reggie Dabbs in PM service 


Ps. Kristy

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Hi Church! 

This week our City Campus began Sunday services at Sydney University!

This is highly significant. Sydney was Australia’s first university, it is one of the world’s leading academic institutions AND there are many both on campus and in the precinct surrounding it that need to know Jesus!

Also, Youth Camp happens July 8th!

The Lord turned to him and said, “Go in the strength you have and save Israel out of Midian’s hand. Am I not sending you?” - Judges 6:14

Conversations between God and particular humans in the Bible intrigue me! They show something about God’s willingness to engage so personally with us, but also give me great insights into how God deals with our desires, insecurities and inadequacies.

Here is Gideon – called by God to deliver Israel from her oppressors. Only problem is, Gideon is a grasshopper in his own eyes, beaten down due to long term suffering and in a severe crisis of faith whereby he is doing the, “God, where are you in this tragedy” questioning that we have all gone through some time or another.

What is God’s response?

“Go in the strength that you have”.

That is, get going! Work with even the little you have! Start! And in the getting started, with what he did have (legs, arms, the ability to breath etc.) God was able to add the supernatural miracle power that delivered a nation. 

Maybe you are in a similar place. God’s word to you today is “GO IN THE STRENGTH THAT YOU HAVE!” 

That is….

  • You might not be able to save thousands of kids from poverty BUT you can sponsor one struggling kid to have their life changed at youth camp next week (call reception for details!)


  • You might not be able to pray for an hour …but you could start by praying for 5mins a day


  • Your marriage may be difficult but you could bless your spouse today with some encouragement


  • You might not be a missionary to China but you can share your faith in Jesus with one person at work

And in starting, in doing SOMETHING in faith, you, like Gideon, are making room for God to move supernaturally!

Earlier this year Vicki Simpson, a recognized prophet in our nation prophesied that this would be a year where COURAGE comes back into our church AND that it was a year of “startup”

Let me encourage you, don’t worry about what you don’t have! Start, take courage andGO IN THE STRENGTH THAT YOU HAVE…you will be surprised by how an act of faith ushers in the power of God.

WINTER WARMERS! All our services are heated to a beautifully toasty temperature! Hot drinks and snacks are provided at all services and we have a beautiful café area so you can have a chat with your friends after the service.

BIBLE READING PLAN: Grab the new July card this Sunday!


8th – 11th July      Youth Winter Camp (Rego at the Connect Desk!) ….consider sponsoring a child in need today

15th   July            Term 3 Life Group Leaders Launch

28th August         “Think Pink” Women’s Event


Ps. Kristy

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Hey Church!

“Enlarge the place of your tent,
stretch your tent curtains wide,
do not hold back;
lengthen your cords,
strengthen your stakes.
For you will spread out to the right and to the left;
your descendants will dispossess nations
and settle in their desolate cities. - Isaiah 54: 2-3

There is one key message in this passage that screams from the page:

“Make room for blessing! …BIG blessing!” 

The barren woman (a metaphor for Israel, who at the time of the prophesy are in exile feeling far away from the promises of God!) is told to make space! Stretch out! Get ready!

…BECAUSE….she’s about to see her kids – the generations – inherit the land!!

How weird is that! A woman who has for a long time been unable to conceive is told that she is going to need space in her tent for lots of kids!

Such is the goodness and blessing of God. But, He requires us to make space …sometimes (usually!) BEFORE we see the promise fulfilled! 

In my life I have seen God require me to “make space” in various ways BEFORE He blesses me in an area! For example, he has called me to:

  • sow into special offerings (like ‘Building the Generations’)


  • step out in an initial step of faith (I led a girl to the Lord on a sleeper train to Vienna because I obeyed a scary prompting to talk to her)


  • start with what I have …just recently we renovated our church offices on a tiny budget. God honored us when this was finished with the blessing of brand new office chairs donated to us that we could not yet afford!

Can I encourage you, like Isaiah did, to MAKE ROOM!!! Don’t hold back! Make room bysowing, stepping out and starting! You making room is actually FAITH IN ACTIONand it gets heaven’s attention!


8th – 11th July              Youth Winter Camp (Rego at the Connect Desk!)


Ps. Kristy

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Hey Church!


What an incredible Sunday we just experienced!

Since the time the Gibson family drove from one end of the country to the other to arrive at Shirelive I don’t think I’ve come away from a weekend feeling so strongly that we as a church are moving forward into the plans that God has for us!

Seeing our Board and Staff from Sutherland plus our Key Leaders from City Campus leading the way with our ‘Building The Generations Offering’ in the AM services was a powerful demonstration and you could really feel a shift in the atmosphere and a great sense of breakthrough.

Then in the evening we had our ‘I Have Decided’ Water Baptism Night and what a phenomenal night it was!

Seeing lives transformed and celebrating the people who had made a decision to follow after God made for an incredibly pure and powerful service.

The worship went to new levels and the entire building was buzzing well into the night with family and friends sticking around to enjoy the ‘After Party’. These nights have only just begun but are already, quickly becoming the most anticipated services on our calendar, so make sure you don’t miss the next one later in the year!

We are taking new ground and we are entering into new territory!

Can you perceive it?

Isaiah 43:18-19
“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.
See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?

I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

There’s new life and health coming into the church!
Streams have been sent by God to bring refreshing and strength! We’re in Spring time and all over the church things are blooming and coming to life!

Can you perceive it?

It’s easy to look back and allow our expectations to be affected by our past experiences but God is saying, “ LIFT YOUR EYES! See, I am doing a new thing!”

Our ability to engage with what God is doing is directly related to our ability to perceive what He’s doing by faith.

When the 12 men were sent to spy out the promised land only two men, Joshua and Caleb, had the ability to perceive it through the eyes of faith. It is no surprise that they were the only men of their generation to enter into what God had desired for them.

Can you perceive it?


This is something that God is doing NOW! It’s His desire that we engage and enter in our time, in our generation. This vision and promise that God has given doesn’t need to be left to the next generation to be fulfilled. God has made a way for us and has sent streams of life and hope. He’s brought health and strength not just for our wholeness but that we would rise up and enter into all that God has for us.

This Sunday with our ‘Building The Generations’ offering it’s our opportunity to rise.
We are called to come with expectations not shaped by former things. We are called to lift our eyes and perceive by faith. We are being stirred to give not from a place of comfort but from an understanding that God is doing something NOW and that it’s our time to engage with His purpose for our lives and for His house.

I love that God has brought me and my family to Shirelive for such a time as this. We are so excited for the future and can’t wait to see the NEW THING God is doing take shape and see the people in our church go from strength to strength.


Sunday 29th June       Building the Generations Finale …Ps. Jack Hanes

8th – 11th July              Youth Winter Camp (Rego at the Connect Desk!)

God Bless & Much Love

Ps Jarrad Gibson

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Hey Church! 

All week I have been reflecting on the great promises of God over our church.

My fiancé Andrew and I grew up in our church and as we were in the incredible AM Sutherland service last week, we were in awe of just how God has outworked His purposes through the generations ….and how He is now taking us into something brand new…..


1. “I HAVE DECIDED!” …..Baptism is a decision that will change your life.

Throughout the New Testament people are called by God to repent and be baptised! That is, they are called into a new life of being “born again” in Jesus Christ AND, demonstrating that resurrection into a new life the waters of baptism!

You may have been a believer for MANY years (like I was) and not baptised! OR you might be a brand new Christian. THIS SUNDAY NIGHT is your opportunity to follow Jesus into the waters of baptism!

Call reception on 9521 2933 to sign up! The 4pm Sunday class has a spot just for you! Bring your towel and a change of clothes….It’s going to be an AMAZING night!

2. “BUILDING THE GENERATIONS”….God has called His church to be an expansive, influential and world-changing force on the earth!

There is no lack of supply for those that step into God’s supernatural provision via FAITH GIVING!

On 22nd June every one of us is being invited to “BUILD THE GENERATIONS” by giving a one-off offering and making a faith promise to contribute financially to the building of Shirelive over the next 12 months.
Now is the time for you (and your family) to pray, prepare and powerfully participate!
We are so excited about what God is about to do!


SUNDAY AM (Sutherland Campus) 9.30am: Ps. Brad Bonhomme 
Our Senior Pastor has a word burning on his heart about the nature of the “new thing” God is calling us into as HIS church.
Part 3 of our “Building the Generations” series is going to awake your heart to the purposes of God over your life and the life of our church.

SUNDAY AM (City Campus) 10.30am: Ps. Kristy Rigg 
City Campus is central in the purposes of God for Shirelive. Come and hear about nature of the “new thing” God is calling us into as HIS church.

SUNDAY PM (Sutherland Campus) 6.00pm: “I HAVE DECIDED” 
Baptism is a life-changing step for every believer!
This is Baptism – but not like you have ever experienced it before!
Multimedia, powerful worship, the gospel will be preached and we are going to champion a bunch of Shirelive legends as they go through the waters of baptism.

PS. KIDS!!!! Don’t miss our second “Magnificent Creations” night! You are going to whip up a creative storm!

  • 15th June – “I Have Decided” Baptism night
  • 22nd June – Building the Generations Offering (Ps. Alun Davies speaking)
  • 26th June – “Take the City” (Young Adults)
  • 29th June – Building the Generations Offering Pt. 2 (Ps. Jack Hanes speaking)
  • 8th – 11th July – Youth Winter Camp

With love,

Pastor Kristy